National Meth Helpline:

National meth helpline was developed due to the dramatic increase in the use of meth in our country.  Methamphetamine use is destroying lives, tearing families apart, and placing enormous stress on our social and judicial systems.  Itís debilitating process has to be stopped.   

National meth helpline is for those individuals and their loved ones who are suffering the disease of addiction.  Use of meth comes in many forms, whether you are using crystal meth, crack, cocaine or ice, we are here to assist you.  We know that whether you are using stimulants such as meth intravenously, smoking meth, or snorting meth, the addiction is the same. 

National meth helpline cares.  We are staffed twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and we can help. Call us now for a no cost assessment.  1-800-864-2027.



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